The Science

The Science

The science behind re:iimmune

Part 1: Hydration.
re:iimmune’s balancing electrolytes contain sodium.

Sodium is a key electrolyte in maintaining healthy hydration.

The concentration of sodium inside plasma has to be held to within close limits (132-152 mmol/l) for proper functioning of the body and normally, this sodium concentration is controlled by the renal function (kidneys). However, in a state of dehydration, water is conserved by not urinating, and the sodium regulation cannot work effectively. In a stressed state, such as dehydration, the cells of the intestines are impaired and sodium cannot be effectively absorbed. re:iimmune is an isotonic balancing electrolyte formula designed to help support healthy hydration.

Part 2: Immune support.
Growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

re:iimmune was tested using a Human Gut Simulator ‘ARIS’ and qPCR Genetic Sequencing. In the research study, re:iimmune consumption was linked to a statistically significant improvement in the growth of beneficial bacteria (p<.001) from baseline. In addition to the beneficial bacteria growth we also saw a decrease in unfavorable bacteria.

Consuming re:iimmune on a daily basis for 10 days can provide intestinal immune support.

Quantification by qPCR microbiota populations:
reiimmune stats
Results are expressed as total molecules per 1 mL of sample, which are the number of copies of each microorganism present in 1 mL of sample. Above shows the distribution of populations of L. acidophilus, L. rhamnossus, L. casei / paracasei and populations of C. perfringens and C. difficile.
Scientific research supports the use of re:iimmune
re:iimmune scientifically proven:
• to deliver balancing electrolytes
• to provide beneficial intestinal bacteria
• to decrease inflammation in the gut.*

Support yourself!
Get better, better.
recovery formula


Support yourself! Get better, better.
re:iimmune recovery formula


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