Hydrobiotic Recovery

Healing starts from the inside out.

Cells need to be adequately hydrated to function, and immune boosting properties need to encompass protective intestinal barriers from unwanted bacteria. Dr. Miller created a Hydrobiotic recovery formula that has proven scientific results to improve the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, reduces inflammation* and hydrates the body at a cellular level.

*Journal of Nutrition and Health

75 Percent Of Americans

75% of Americans
may suffer from chronic dehydration, according to Doctors.

Source: Medical Daily

Human Brain

Approximately 73%
of the average human brain is
comprised of water.

1 and 6 Americans

It is estimated that

1 in 6 Americans
will be readmitted to the hospital
within 30 days of being discharged.

Source: USA Today

70 percent of your

70% of your
immune system
is in your digestive tract.

Source: University of California

Why is hydration so important

Why is hydration so important?

Our bodies need fluids for temperature control, chemical balance and for cells to make energy and get rid of waste products. Water transports hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients to all vital organs.

Dehydration affects every system of the body, resulting in:

Increased risk of infections*
Impaired healing*
Decreased respiratory and cardiac function*
Increased risk of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders*
Poorer outcomes of chronic lung diseases*
Poorer physical and cognitive function*

*Water, Hydration and Health

Studies* have shown that significant cognitive impairment occurs when a person is 2% dehydrated.

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