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re:iimmune® recovery formula helps you get better, better. ®‡


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After having major surgery and being hospitalized in March of 2015, my surgeon recommended that I begin taking a probiotic to help with my recovery. I began by having one packet mixed with a bottle of water once a day. After a couple of weeks of taking one packet a day, I increased it to 2 packets a day, one in the morning and again in the afternoon. From taking the re:immune my recovery time seemed to fly by. I felt alive and stronger and eventually returned to daily activities in a shorter time than was expected. I also didn’t feel the lingering after-effects of serious surgery and when I went back to my doctor he was very pleased and satisfied with my recovery. The only treatment different than from a normal recovery from surgery was the re:immune. Thank you.

A friend of mine recommended re:iimmune as she knew I was going through a crazy period – switching jobs, commuting cross-country, leaving one home, and finding another. I was running low on energy and feeling run-down. I was a skeptic, but I tried. Now, I have been taking it every day for a few weeks – which is super easy with water. I notice a real difference. I have more energy, never feel dehydrated, drink less coffee, and have not gotten sick. I actually have energy to start working out again. It is rare to find something so easy that can make such a difference.

I came down with severe GI upset and diarrhea–both made me dehydrated. I started using re:iimmune and immediately began to feel better. I was no longer completely “wiped out”. I also used it after a recent surgery and hospital stay–it really helped me stay hydrated during recovery.

Sharon GivoneyMSN, APRN-BC - Clinical Assistant Professor

Best. Product. Ever. My wife and I are both very health aware and try to make good choices. re:iimmune does exactly what it says it will do – help you rehydrate and recover. How and why? It is the product of solid research. Simply put, it really does “make people better.” 

Dale Moore

I have been a daily user of Emergen-C and was recently introduced to re:iimmune®, my current job requires weekly travel with extended stays in hotels and use of rental cars and public transportation, my body tends to weaken / breakdown with the air travel and poor diet. With re:iimmune’s® keen ability to rehydrate my system it allows me to stay focused and maintain my energy level.

Mike Smith

re:iimmune® has been helping me since I was diagnosed with cancer. I drink one packet the day before and on the day of chemotherapy. I have not needed any additional medication for nausea. I am so thankful for this product.”

Ladonna Appelbaum

My husband has Crohn’s disease and his doctor recommended this to take when he has bad flare-ups or is very dehydrated. It seemed to help him feel better, so I think it’s a good product. I’m only giving it 3 stars, because the price is high for people to drink all the time to help with hydration. Also, he said the taste was hard to get down. It’s very salty tasting. We will only buy if we have to, because of the price.

Helped me get over my cold quick.

I purchased this for my sister to have during chemo. She says it works great! It was recommended to me by a friend.

Awesome product, helped me recover from illness quicker. Highly recommend.

re:iimmune is an amazing product! After a few days down from a stomach bug, I was up again within 24 hrs after my first dose of product.

I can’t say good enough things about this product. It is literally like nothing else on the market. I drink about two packets a week just for preventive health.

Great product! I have used for several months and it does make me feel better!

Support yourself! Get better, better.
re:iimmune® recovery formula

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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