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Hospital Readmissions

Until now, no one has identified illness recovery as a science. There is a large body of research on every type of illness, but not how to recover from it. This is particularly true in traditional western medicine, where the majority of medical practice is to seek answers. However, there is a growing number of practitioners starting to look at patients from a “functional” perspective. The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)  defines functional medicine as asking “the how and why illness occurs, and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.” This holistic approach is taking root and large health care institutions such as Cleveland Clinic have opened new Functional Medicine departments. The science is coming from multiple centers and practitioners, but none speak to the general physiological process of recovery.  There is a landmark study on hospital readmissions that has not received the attention it deserves. Dr. Harlan Krumholz and researchers from Yale University published a study in 2013 that looked at over two million 30-day hospital readmission rates in people over the age of 65. 1 in 6 patients were readmitted within 30 days of discharge. The majority of people who were readmitted back to the hospital were readmitted for reasons other than the illness that put them there in the first place. For example, when someone was originally admitted for a heart condition, many times they were readmitted within 30 days for pneumonia. This raises a very big question, which still needs an answer: how do we combat hospital readmissions?  One of the key takeaways from this study was the notion that people are discharged from the hospital with something called Post-Hospital-Syndrome. Researchers cited that people experience a period of generalized risk for poor outcomes related to staying or leaving the hospital. While staying in the hospital, people are subjected to hospital-acquired infections, poor sleep, poor nutrition, and generalized weakness from lying in a hospital bed. This leads to an inability to regain strength at home. Being at home can also produce issues related to dehydration, nutrition, and nausea from prescribed medications. Patients often battle difficulty thinking clearly, drinking enough fluids to stay adequately hydrated, and loss of balance. These issues put patients at risk of falling, bring feelings of frustration, and unfortunately a trip back to the hospital.  Health care’s answer to “fixing” this problem has been to identify people who are high risk, and working to get their doctor’s follow up visit done a little quicker. Most recently, telemedicine has made its way into people’s homes, providing contact with a care provider via the internet. These are excellent approaches, but it still does not address the core reasons people fail to recover: poor nutrition, poor sleep, medication intolerance, poor physical condition, and poor mental condition.  Make People Better is addressing these core issues a few ways. First, at-home DNA testing can virtually eliminate adverse drug reactions, identify nutritional preferences, and encourage direct participation by the patient through shared decision-making.  Second, we have developed a Hydrobiotic called re:iimmune, sold over the counter at pharmacies and clinics, that delivers balanced electrolytes, pre and probiotics, zinc, ginger, and L-glutamine to support the body’s natural recovery processes, improve digestion, and decrease nausea.  The key takeaway for you is 1 out of 6 people in the United States will be readmitted to the hospital within the first 30 days of leaving. We do not want you to be the 1.
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A True Partner in Your Health

Health care has long been focused on how to get patients more engaged in their care. Over the last 20 years, researchers have looked for ways to get people to participate actively in decisions regarding their care, and DNA testing for health is one of the greatest tools for both practitioner and patient.  The goal is not to be your own doctor,  but rather to be willing to share in the decision-making process.  We know that the patient-physician relationship has taken some hard hits. Providers are squeezed for time, and people’s health is too complex for a 20-minute visit. When you are sick, you want to fix it immediately. People look to their provider for the solution. The problem with this approach is that there is usually more than one way to fix it. Providers have traditionally taken the responsibility for coming up with the plan. Patients get their prescribed plan and they do “what the doctor ordered.” Shared decisions are rare in the clinic setting and even rarer in the hospital. So how do we create an environment where the patient and the provider work together as a team?  We believe that DNA testing for your health could be the answer. When a patient takes a home DNA test, they receive a comprehensive scientific report with easy-to-read results. A patient being able to share this information with their practitioner is a direct path to shared decision-making.  Imagine scheduling an appointment with your doctor when you are not sick. Then imagine sitting down and reviewing all your DNA results; for example, what foods work best for you, what vitamins and minerals you should take, what exercise program you perform better at, and what medications are best for you. In this scenario, you lead the conversation and you are the one inviting your doctor into the discussion. Wouldn’t you feel that your doctor really “knows” you? Wouldn’t you be more inclined to engage with her/him when you are sick?  Technology is bringing high-level health information to your fingertips. It is possible to diagnose yourself. However, we argue that this approach is not in most people’s best interest. Telemedicine, email conferencing and walk-in clinics are common conveniences, but they are no substitute for a real patient/provider relationship. re:iimmune believes that home DNA testing is a game changer. When you are supported in making and implementing choices based on your unique health traits, you become a true partner in your health.

How re:iimmune helped 91-year-old World War II Veteran

I'm Robert A. Susdorf, a 91-year-old World War II veteran who was an electrical engineer and technical manager for 40 years. I have always been very active and have kept busy with projects. In the past ten years, I have had 2 Aortic valve replacements, prostate cancer (now in remission), Melanoma skin cancer (surgically under control), and now Multiple Myeloma., as well as miscellaneous surgeries (lung, hernia, and disc fusion). I have C.O.P.D., congestive heart failure, and neuropathy. I felt weak, had low energy, tired quickly, was light headed, and lost a lot of my small motor skills. After two months of taking Re:immune daily, my body has changed remarkably. I feel more awake and stronger. I have much more energy and enjoy doing physical things. I feel mentally sharper and more awake which makes my life much more enjoyable. I'm amazed at the effectiveness of this product!

What is a Hydrobiotic™?

When you make new things, you get to make up new words- so that’s what we did! Dr. Kerri Miller created a mighty combination of Clinical Strength Hydration®, and a multi strain pre and probiotic blend containing a special combination of 14 different probiotics and one prebiotic (the food probiotics require in order to flourish). When you look at the various keys to recovery, you’ll see that very high up on the list sit both hydration and intestinal health. Alongside these two vital components of recovery, you’ll also see adequate rest, a healthy diet, exercise, and a positive mindset listed.

Dr. Miller saw a missing piece in our healthcare system after working in it for over 20 years. We weren’t providing adequate means for our patients to stay hydrated and improve their intestinal health in an easy and accessible way, so she did something about it! She began her journey to create a solution, the first oral Hydrobiotic™. The first and foremost portion of this equation is “Hydro”, which represents the Clinical Strength Hydration® formula found in re:iimmune®. It is the first sugar free hydration pack made for rapid hydration needs. The “biotic” in Hydrobiotic™ stands for, you guessed it, probiotics! Not only did Dr. Miller witness her patients struggling to stay hydrated, but many medicines given in critical situations such as cancer, surgery and chronic illness, take costly tolls on your digestive health.

The pre and probiotic blend in re:iimmune® was especially formulated to promote restoration of the beneficial gut flora (good bacteria) that keep your digestive system balanced and functioning properly. L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in re:iimmune® that has more than one purpose, not only is it a co-transporter that helps your cells absorb hydration quicker, but it also helps rebuild healthy tissue in your intestinal wall. The ginger extract found in re:iimmune® boosts immunity, aids in digestive health and also reduces nausea. In cases of chemotherapy patients, antibiotic use and pregnancy, nausea is a common symptom and ginger is a safe solution. As you see, the Hydrobiotic™ formula in re:iimmune® represents it’s core combination of both hydration and probiotic supplementation, but the moving parts that make re:iimmune® the best way to get better, better™ are vast!

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Emotional Immunity

Why Wednesday

My gut has nevnicole.per been in optimal shape. Due to being born via C-section and pumped full of loads of antibiotics during my first few weeks of life, I got off to a rough start.

7 months ago, my Dad was in a major car accident, after months of hospitals and rehab, we found out he had stage 4 cancer. I began to struggle even more with stomach issues through this process. re:iimmune has been a huge help in keeping my tummy in shape and a necessity to my overall health. I won't travel without it and hate to run out!

I re:iimmune after a restless night, I re:iimmune  the second I begin to feel any illness coming on, I re:iimmune when I need a boost of energy, I re:iimmune when I'm working hard and feeling drained and dehydrated. I feel like this product is extremely beneficial to my gut and I also LOVE the way it tastes! Cheers! -Nicole

Truth be told, our gut health affects nearly every function in our body, but the functionality of our gut health is also easily disrupted by internal forces. When stress is introduced, whether it be positive or negative, our immune system and intestinal balance are affected in significant ways. Stress affects your digestive health (sometimes going as far as to produce stomach ulcers). Stress is known to raise blood pressure- which in turn lowers your immune system and causes circulatory complications, as well as impaired brain function and sleep patterns. The list goes on!

We commonly think to beef up our immune system when our sleep schedule is thrown off, flu season kicks in, or someone uses the same hand they just coughed into to shake your own- but do you think to take extra precautions for your healths sake when faced with an emotionally taxing crisis? Studies show that simple laughter strengthens your immune system, so imagine the strain your physical body feels after hours, days or months of chronic stress or trauma. Next time you're faced with a "nervous stomach", reach for a packet of re:iimmune® and get better, better™!


Shake it Off!

Why Wednesday 

lezley_Dhonau"After a 4 month run of colds, flu, stomach ache and sickness- I felt unable to shake off the last of it each time to be able to fully recover. I then got hit with oral thrush which really told me my guts were not in a good way and I suspected I was chronically dehydrated too. With just the first few mouthfuls of re:iimmune I feel uplifted and more energized. It's like drinking a fresh know it is good - it feels like it is instantly boosting your health!  I changed the food I eat to clean out my system, but the re:iimmune has been a key part of recovering fully and resetting my gut to a healthier state, and no cramping. I am passionate about only putting natural foods in my body and re:iimmune fits this need for me. It is now a firm addition to my medical kit." -L. Dhonau
Those first few hints of a cold or flu normally send you running for the medicine cabinet with determination. You tell yourself "I will not let this slow me down!" If you begin to fight it early on, you just might be fortunate enough to kick the infection before it's got you stuck to your bed for a week or so. Although, when an infection does take up roots, it may send you on a downward spiral that can last weeks, or months before you fully recover. When you eventually do recover, you are often left with a compromised immune system, and the after effects that most common symptom relievers leave behind. Chronic illness patients can attest to the fact that feeling ill for long periods of time can feel discouraging, but don't give up. After you've conquered an illness, it's important to remember that your immune system has taken a hit and will be left more vulnerable to further infection even after your symptoms have cleared up.
The illness recovery formula in re:iimmune® contains just what your body needs in order to shake off an infection, or infections. Hydration is a key component to your body's ability to create healthy cells and a strong immune system. Often times, when you're experiencing cold and flu symptoms, drinking fluids is easier said than done, and your hydration levels drop as a result. The ginger root in re:iimmune® helps to soothe an upset stomach as the Clinical Strength Hydration® Formula, and multi strain pre and probiotic blend, get to balancing out your body's hydration and intestinal immune support needs. Since re:iimmune® is sugar free, and doesn't contain toxic coloring agents, your body won't have to spend it's energy figuring out what to protect itself against and what to use to heal itself. Since nearly 70% of your body's immune system is located in  your intestines, our intestinal immune support formula boosts the very core of your immune system while helping you get back up on your feet.
Take a tip from our friend in the U.K.- keep re:iimmune® as a firm addition to your medical kit, and get better, better™!

Understand Your Condition

condition information overload, get better with reiimmune

Thanks to the internet (ironically) we are inundated with information of every kind, every day. If you have any number of social media accounts, basic cable, or even access to the radio- you are more than likely bombarded with new scientific findings, obscure facts, and meaningless information cluttering your sound boards day in and day out. Although having endless amounts of information at our finger tips can be found convenient in most cases, it can also become a little intimidating on the same hand. When it comes to something as serious as our health, it’s important we use caution as we attempt to decipher the legitimate information from the nonsense.


Whether you have been dealing with a condition for years, or were recently given a new diagnosis, it is equally important to keep yourself informed in both cases. The medical world is an ever changing organism, with new and improved developments surfacing on a daily basis. Ask your doctor to keep you in the loop when it comes to any developments on your condition  or methods of treatment. When you make the choice to actively learn about your condition, it enables you to then take charge of your own health. Patients who are more active in maintaining their health, and learning about their condition, experience better health outcomes and at lower costs.


Never be afraid to get more than one opinion! More than one set of eyes and ears will provide you with a more well-rounded perspective to your unique situation, especially in the case of complex conditions, or uncertain results. Once you do have a clear verdict, make sure you understand the information you receive from your health care provider. It's always helpful to repeat back what you hear them explaining in order to clarify that you are understanding them correctly. Keep the packet of written information provided to you upon check out for later reference, because chances are, you will think of further questions long after you've left the doctors office. Nearly 40-80% of the medical information given to patients by their health care providers is immediately forgotten, and half of the information that is remembered, is incorrect. In order to take charge of your health, you have to intentionally take charge of your knowledge about your condition.


It can be tempting to just get online and search fragmented questions pertaining to your condition, but what you will get in return is fragmented answers. When researching online, make sure you consult with your doctor about any information you find that may change the way you approach your condition. Understanding your condition fully is just one more step towards getting better, better!

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