Embedded throughout her life and career, her mission was clear – to help.

American consumers are literally flooded with gimmicky and expensive variations on H2O: concoctions of sugar, artificial flavors and unsubstantiated ingredients that can themselves pose a challenge to our health. At the same time, poor hydration and insufficient intestinal microflora can endanger patient recovery and lead to hospital readmissions and poor outcomes. In low-income countries, complications arising from dehydration pose an even more grave and present danger.

Dr. Miller, a Johns Hopkins and Harvard educated nurse practitioner developed a simple solution; make the water you drink more efficient during illness recovery!

With her oral Hydrobiotic technology, she created a solution that gives water more power to hydrate while supercharging the body’s natural defense system.

In her commitment to helping people everywhere, Dr. Miller created the Get Well Make Well Campaign. For every box of re:iimmune sold, 1 serving will be donated. To date, 120,000 servings have been donated to relief organizations throughout the world.

For Dr. Miller, it really is about her mission to make people better!

How we succeeded:

Our headquarters, located in Springfield, MO is a hub for the entrepreneurial spirit. Most importantly, we never compromise on quality and know our product works—and that led to retail partnerships with Target, Walgreens, and many more retailers.

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