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More Than Water




Short of breath. Blurred vision. Rapid heartbeat. Delirium.

Sounds serious, doesn’t it? When first read, these symptoms initially may register thoughts of —strokes, heart attacks, allergic reactions, or some other commonly thought of, serious health issues. However, these symptoms are what you could experience due to mild, moderate or severe dehydration levels, at any given time.

Dehydration is currently considered a pandemic. While there are people all over the world who have-little-to-no access to clean water sources, most people living in developed countries have an abundance of safe drinking water at their fingertips, yet, many of us turn to coffee, tea, soda or other dehydrating beverages to quench our thirst– leaving us dehydrated and at serious risk.

Whether it be your doctor, a nutritionist, or an article you've read--every one of us has been told we should be drinking more water at some point in our lives—either directly or inadvertently. Although, in some cases, water alone just won’t cut it. When it comes to serious dehydration, our bodies need a little help absorbing the water and electrolytes it takes to get our hydration under control.

The L-Glutamine in re:iimmune® helps your body do just that by pulling the necessary water across our intestinal wall. The electrolyte balancing nutrients in re:iimmune® then add the finishing touches by restoring healthy electrolyte levels, leaving us with all the components of a healthy and hydrated body.


What’s New About the Flu…

The truth is, the flu is old news. Every year we are blasted with warnings of the approaching flu season, ads on TV of sniffly moms and dads, construction workers miserably trudging around in the cold, children with thermometers poking out of their mouths and disheveled business men trying to make it through their work day- directing us to the latest and greatest symptom reliever. The ugly truth is that the flu isn’t just another seasonal inconvenience, but a serious problem—in fact, thousands of people die each year from flu related symptoms which pose the greatest threats to children and elderly adults.

Dog with a bag of cold water on his head

When the flu hits you, or your family, what is your plan of action? Most likely you run to the medicine cabinet for a variety of decongestants, cough remedies, hot teas and vitamin C. While immediate relief from your symptoms aids in allowing you to rest more comfortably (which is vital to recovery) we also have to focus in on the foundation of our health: the immune system. There are many commonly referenced immune boosters that we’ve all become familiar with, but did you know that 75% of your immune system resides in the digestive system? Without giving your digestive system the proper fuel it needs to restore itself, your body won’t have the strength it requires to ward off infection properly.

Our bodies are made up of nearly 90% bacteria, both good and bad. When your health is under attack it's best to fight back by strengthening your good bacteria with pre and probiotics, essential nutrients and Clinical Strength Hydration™. Without proper hydration levels, your cells won't have the strength they need to do their jobs efficiently and ward off illness. The same goes for your digestive system, without the power to ward off the bad bacteria residing in your gut, your immune system is left in a vulnerable position.

Our suggestion? Hold on to your favorite relief product, settle in with some "feel good" movies, steep a pot of hot tea, and mix yourself up a glass of re:iimmune®! With it's multi-stain blend of pre and probiotics, Clinical Strength Hydration™, a powerful punch of L-glutamine that works to rebuild your intestinal tissue, and ginger root that soothes and repairs your digestive flow, your immune system will thank you. re:iimmune® was specifically formulated to help you get better, better™! 

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